Matching abilities to real jobs and Creating pathways to independence

Crown aspires to become a leader in transforming attitudes towards disability in our workplaces and in the broader community.

To meet this aspiration, Crown is committed to creating inclusive workplaces that recognise our employee's abilities and partner with them to build a meaningful career at our resorts.

CROWNability is an employment program that ensures people with a disability are given every opportunity to gain employment at Crown in the diverse range of roles available.

To support this initiative we have implemented a recruitment model designed to match people's abilities to real jobs.

More than 600 job roles are offered across our resorts in both Perth and Melbourne, allowing Crown to match people's abilities to many different job positions on offer.

The ultimate goal of the CROWNability program is to find the right job fit and maintain sustainable job outcomes at Crown.

To achieve this there are five important key elements;

  • Providers - disability employment service providers working in partnership with Crown to refer potential talent.
  • Pre-Employment - working together with disability employment providers to prepare candidates for the job application and recruitment processes ensuring job readiness.
  • Recruitment - working internally with the Crown recruitment team to provide a comfortable experience for candidates.
  • Post-Placement Support - providing ongoing support and contact with new employees and providing mentoring opportunities.
  • Community - working with our community to increase awareness to promote and provide additional support for CROWNability.


Find your opportunity in;

  • Food and Beverage
  • Gaming
  • Hotels
  • Corporate Services 



Ian Tsolakis - Group Disability Employment Manager

T: +61 8 9362 8976

M: 0409 118 491



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