Application Tips

Advice when applying

Working at Crown is an opportunity for you to work in an exciting and fast-paced environment whilst furthering your career.


Our employees play a key role in creating that special Crown experience which is why we select the best candidates for a diverse range of roles. When applying for any role, it's an opportunity for you to showcase your experience, qualifications and potential. The best way for you to demonstrate your key strengths and create a positive first impression is through your resume and a well-considered covering letter.

We believe the following tips will help you with your application:

Completing Your Online Application

  • Give detailed answers; the information you provide within your application will allow us to assess your skills and experience and will help us to match you to future vacancies within Crown Resorts.
  • Your Cover Letter should briefly address the role's selection criteria and give us a snap shot as to why you believe you are the best fit for this role and your motivations.
  • Your Resume should show skills and experience that you have which is relevant to the role in which you are applying for. Please remember to include all of your relevant skills, qualifications, training and work experience in a chronological order. Ensure grammar, spelling and punctuation is correct.
  • Contact Details must be entered correctly; our primary method of contact is via phone and email. Ensure email address provided is appropriate and phone numbers valid. It is important to check your inbox regularly after submitting your application and ensure these haven't gone into your 'Junk' inbox as spam. Please ensure you also have an active voicemail so you may return our calls in case they are missed.
  • Indicate Your Availability Crown operates 24/7, your availability is an integral part of your application and will be taken into consideration when hiring.


How Your Application is Assessed

  • Screening, all applications are reviewed and a shortlist compiled - we do this by matching our candidates' skills and experience against the role's key requirements. You will receive correspondence via phone or e-mail within 10 business days after your submission date.
  • Phone Interview, you will be contacted by email requesting a Phone Interview - on some occasions you may be called to arrange a suited time. You will be contacted and informed if we will or will not be progressing with your application.
  • Interview/Assessment Centre, if your application is being progressed you will be invited to attend an Interview or a group based Assessment Centre. This is your opportunity to create a positive first impression.
    • Be well presented by dressing in business attire
    • Always arrive 15 minutes prior, and if running late please get in touch with Crown College
    • Research the role you have applied for and also research Crown and refer to your research during the interview.
  • Best Match, department manager(s) and Recruitment specialist(s) make the final decision regarding your application. All candidates are contacted via phone or email within 5 business days to confirm whether their application will be progressed to the next stage.
  • Background Checks, there are a number of checks completed before an offer can be made. Please see below details regarding our Compliance policies and procedures.
  • Job Offer can be made once all background checks have been completed. You will receive a verbal offer and this is where a start date will be offered/negotiated. Once role/start date has been verbally accepted a contract will be created and sent via email within 5 business days.



  • It is a legal requirement that a candidate must be at least 18 years of age to obtain employment at Crown Melbourne (however, some exemptions exist for apprentices).
  • As a candidate, you will also be required to present 100 points of valid and current identification to verify your identity and current place of residence.
  • In addition to supplying the necessary identification, (where relevant) a candidate will need to provide evidence that they have a legal entitlement to work in Australia.
  • In accordance with Crown's obligations under the Casino Control Act, candidates are:
    • Required to undertake and return a satisfactory probity result (police check). A National Criminal History Record Check will need to be completed by all staff. Some positions may also require you to complete a Police Information Release form.
    • For all positions within Gaming, Security Services, Property Services and other identified roles, such as selected management and support roles a Casino Special Employee Licence (issued by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation) will be required.
    • Also required to undertake a credit reference check if they are applying for a licence.
    • If candidates have lived overseas for 12 months or more during the past 10 years; a police and credit check from that country is also required.
  • Candidates will be asked if they have ever been the subject of a Withdrawal of Licence, Exclusion Order, Self-Exclusion Order or have otherwise been barred from Crown Melbourne.
  • Candidates will be required to supply documentation evidencing any formal qualifications, certificates or licenses that they hold, which are relevant to the position for which they are applying.
  • Candidates will be required to provide two recent professional referees in support of their application.


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